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Our M.O.M. Inc.

  • Our M.O.M., Inc. is taking a year off in 2018 from Miles Over Melanoma and looks forward to seeing everyone on May 11, 2019! Remember to be skin safe this spring and summer, doing everything you can to prevent skin cancer and getting anything suspicious looked at by a doctor right away.

  • Our M.O.M., Inc. is the winner of the 2012 Exceptional Donor Award from the Foundation for Barnes-Jewish Hospital. This honor would not be possible without our supporters. Thank you for continuing the fight against this terrible disease.


In our continued efforts to save lives with early detection, Our M.O.M., Inc. continues the "Scan Your Skin" Campaign each year. We distribute almost two thousand calendar magnets as a reminder to do a self-skin exam on the 21st of each month, as our mom passed away on June 21, 2007.

The skin is your largest organ, so it is imperative to know it and keep it healthy. What you have to do is pretty simple: each month, on the 21st, check your freckles and moles. If you see a new spot or a change in color, shape, size, or texture of an existing spot, see a doctor immediately. If possible, have a friend or family member check places you cannot see, like your back, and the back of your neck and legs. Using a mirror helps, too. Don’t forget your hands and feet and in between your fingers and toes. Skin cancer, including melanoma, can show up anywhere at anytime.

Skin cancer can be difficult to detect, so it is also important to seek medical attention for your skin. So, by June 21st, in honor of our mom, call and make an appointment with your doctor. Your general physician can examine your skin and refer you to a dermatologist if necessary. If you prefer to see a dermatologist once a year like we do, go for it! You can never be too careful! It just might save your life.

Here's to Scanning Skin and Saving Lives!

  • Have your general doctor check your skin at a yearly check-up
  • You should check your skin, including all freckles and moles on a monthly basis
  • If you see a new spot or a change in color, shape, size, or texture of a mole, see a doctor
  • Use a mirror to check places you cannot see
  • Have a friend or family member check your back, neck, backs of legs, etc.
  • Don’t forget to check hands and feet (and between the toes)
  • If you notice any changes on your friends and family, tell them to see a doctor immediately
For more information, please read how to check your own skin on the American Cancer Society website.